Course Management

Each faculty member has a suite of tools to use for class management. This ranges from Canvas, our online teaching platform, to Starfish and Banner for submitting grades. You may also use CurricUNET to access the up-to-date course outline and student learning outcomes. 

Preparing your Class

In the Classroom

Class Administrativia

  • Pipeline Class Management Links and Pipeline Help
  • Print and View Class Roster
  • Drop Rosters, Grading, Pass/No Pass, Excused Withdrawals, Reinstating Students, etc.
    • An email will be sent at least once a semester from the Director of Admissions & Records (Michael Medel). Always read his email instructions for meeting deadlines.
    • Waitlist FAQ
  • Starfish
    • Starfish facilitates collaboration between students, their instructional faculty, their counselors, and their advisors at SBCC. Starfish is designed to support student success and retention and connects students with important campus resources.
  • End of Semester Checklist

Other Resources