Professional Development

When we embark on teaching at SBCC, we are asked to continue growing and learning in order to benefit our students. Regardless of how many years you have been teaching, we can always learn something more. Isn't that something we try and impress upon our students? Aside from inherit benefit of learning, we also have obligations as part of our employment contract.

Outline of professional development requirements:

Finding campus opportunities for professional development are posted in our Flex Dashboard. This is where the bi-annual in-service workshops are listed and also workshops offered by others on campus such as the Faculty Resource Center (FRC). This link is also avilable in Pipeline under the Faculty->Resources menu. 

Another place to discover professional development opportunities is through the Vision Resource Center provided by the Chancelor's Office. A guide for using and discovering resources has been created for you.  A great place to get started in VRC is by selecting the Learning->Workshop Calendar menu.

Finally, we'd like to offer a list of high-quality conferences for just about any discipline. If you additional suggestions for us to include, please send an email to Justina Buller, chair of Committee on Faculty Resources.