Student Judicial Process and Due Rights

Student judicial process and rights is managed by the Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution. Their purpose is to maintain the general welfare of the college community. Santa Barbara City College strives to make the campus community a place of study and work where people are treated, and treat one another, with respect and courtesy. The College views the student judicial process as a learning experience that can result in growth and personal understanding of one’s responsibilities and privileges within both the college community and the surrounding communities.

As a faculty member, you should read How to Help Students of Concern: A Safety Resource Guide for Faculty and Staff to better understand our role in supporting students and keeping our campus and classrooms safe and healthy. The relevant board procedures are AP 5500 - Student Code of Conduct and AP 5520 - Student Discipline Procedures

For students, the Student Rights and Grievances page is a great starting place. Faculty may also want to be familiar with what is being told to students. 

Both students and faculty can use this online form to Report a Concern. Save this link!