Criminal Screening Procedure


 Have you ever been convicted by any court of a crime, other than a minor traffic violation?

 If you answered YES to the above question, you must write to the address below, include the information that is listed below and be cleared by the Department of Health. This needs to be done BEFORE entering the Certified Nursing Assistant/Home Health Aide training course.

This process is the student’s responsibility. Failure to complete this step prior to enrolling in the program may impede the student’s ability to be certified and/or work as a CNA/HHA.

 Put in this order:

  1. Current date:
  1. The following statement:

                  “This letter is being submitted for state approval prior to entering a Certified Nurses Assistant training course”.

  1. Information to be included:

                   -Dates and nature of the incident(s)
                   -Disposition of the case. (Provide court papers)
                   -Current status
                   -Letters from Probation Officer (if applicable)
                   -Letters of Recommendation (if available)

  1. Send to: Criminal Background Section
                    P.O. Box 997416, MS 3304
                    Sacramento, CA 95899


Add. Info:       Phone numbers: 916-327-2445 Main number
                        Fax: 916-552-8785

Website: Email address:

Health and Safety Code, Sections 1337 through 1338.5

The Licensing and Certification unit will determine your eligibility based on your circumstances that are outlined in your letter, and you will receive a letter directly from them.