CNA Renewal Information

  1. Certificates are renewed every two (2) years.
  1. Submit a completed Renewal Application (CDPH 283C) along with documentation (CDPH 283A) showing your completion of forty-eight (48) hours of In-Service Training/Continuing Education Units (CEUs) within your two (2) year certification period.
    • Face to face CEUs: Only approved in-service training (Skilled Nursing Facility and Home Health Agency employers) classes are accepted.
    • Online CEUs: A maximum of twenty-four hour (24) of the forty-eight (48) hours may be obtained only through a CDPH approved online computer training program listed on the CDPH website.
    • Only CDPH approved providers. All providers must have a NAC# noted on the CEU Certificates.
    • If enrolled in a LVN or RN program CNA holders will get credit for time in these programs, by listing the courses taken and converting the units to hour as follows: semester unit = 15 hours, quarter unit = 10 hours. Must submit a copy of your school transcripts to verify your enrollment.
  1. A minimum of twelve (12) of the forty-eight (48) hours must be completed in the first year of your certificate.
  1. You have provided nursing or nursing-related services in a health care facility to resident for compensation (under the supervision of a licensed health care professional) within the most recent certification period.
  1. Renewal Applications are sent out four (4) months prior to the CNA certificate expiration date. The applications are sent to the current address on file. Must notify CDPH within sixty (60) days of any changes of address or name change. Failure to report a name or address change may result in delay or loss of your certificate.

CDPH Contact Information

California Department of Public Health Licensing and Certification Program
Aide and Technician Certification Section
P.O. BOX 997416, MS 3301 Sacramento, CA 95899-7416
Phone: (916) 327-2445
Fax: (916) 552-8785

If you do not meet renewal requirements stated above

  1. If you are unable to meet renewal requirements and your certificate has not expired for more than two (2) years, you can reactivate your certificate.
  1. Apply for reactivation by submitting a completed Renewal Application (CDPH 283C) making sure to check the “Yes” box for question number six (6) in section VI. If approved, a Competency Evaluation approval letter will be sent to you, along with information needed to schedule the testing. You must successfully pass the written and skills evaluation within two (2) years from your certificate’s expiration date in order to issue a current CNA certificate.


For newly Tested CNA’s:

  • To receive your CNA license it can take up to 6 weeks or more.

  • If you do not receive your license within 6 weeks call CDPH (916) 327-2445, it is your responsibility to follow up not your instructors.

  • It is also your responsibility to compete your Continuing Education Units.

  • You MUST complete 12 CEU’s your first year of your license. You then must complete the remaining 36 CEU’s before your license expires as well as work in a facility for pay, being supervised by a licensed nurse (LVN or RN).

  • If you do none of the above, you can request to retake the state exam (written & skills) on the renewal application found on the CDPH website:

  • If you are in a nursing program such as an VN or RN program those classes will count for CEU’s (1 unit = 15 CEU’s).

  • Any other classes taken in a city college will not count.