Application Requirements

Please read all of the information on this entire page - scroll down for the "How to Apply" section. 
Please check this website periodically as information is subject to change.

Important: If you were previously enrolled in a nursing program. A letter describing the reason for withdrawal/dismissal written by the program director must accompany your application.

Selection process:  The SBCC ADN program uses a multi-criteria points admission selection process.  The multi criteria points are found HERE.  Each cohort will be filled as follows:  80% of the seats will be filled by the highest-points applicants, and 20% will be filled using a random selection.  No waitlist is maintained, if you are not offered a seat, you can re-apply.

Beginning with the January 2023 application cycle, there will be changes to the multi-criteria points. Please click HERE for the point allocation for the ADN applicants. Please click HERE for the point allocation for the LVN-ADN Bridge applicants.

Application Deadlines
If the final application date falls on a weekend or holiday, the deadline will extend to the next business day.

  • Fall entry: January 15 - January 31  
  • Spring entry: July 1 through July 15  
    Note: Regarding Spring 2023: We will not be offering an ADN Semester 1 cohort for Fall 2022. We will enroll a Semester 1 cohort in Spring 2023 from the Fall entry application cycle. Only LVN-ADN Bridge applications will be accepted for the Spring entry application cycle.

LVN to ADN applicants:   LVN to ADN applications will be accepted during the application cycles shown above, and an LVN to ADN cohort will begin each fall and spring semesters along with the generic ADN cohorts.

Re-applicants (complete previous application):  If you have applied to the program during the previous two years, you only need to submit a new program application, the Intent to Be Included in Selection Pool form, and the Supporting Documentation form if applicable.

Re-applicants (incomplete previous application):  You must submit all required documentation in the "How to Apply" section below. Incomplete applications are not kept on file.

Applications are accepted by mail only:  Applications and all requirements must be postmarked by the final day of the application  cycle.   Applications may not be submitted in person.

Santa Barbara City College
721 Cliff Drive
Health Technologies Office
Santa Barbara, CA 93109

It is the applicant's responsibility to be sure that all required application documents are included.  Incomplete applications will not be included in the selection cycle.  Read both the "How to Apply" and "Application Checklist" sheets carefully.  Application documents will not be reviewed prior to submission by nursing or counseling staff, nor will applicants be notified during the application cycle of missing items.

Please do not use staples, paperclips, or special folders when submitting the application.

Deadlines are subject to change. Please check website periodically.

  • All prerequisites must be completed at the time of application. In-progress prerequisites are not accepted and your application will be considered incomplete.

    1.  Course Prerequisites: Each of the following must be a college course completed with a grade of “C” or higher. Courses taken pass/no pass will be calculated as a “C”. Submit all your college transcripts, regardless of if coursework was for nursing related courses. To submit your transcripts, visit the Admissions & Records website. All grades must appear on your transcript(s). Course descriptions are required with your application for prerequisite courses completed at a non-California Community College. Course descriptions must come from the specific catalog year in which the course was taken.

    • English Composition and Reading
      • At SBCC is English 110.
      • For English not taken at SBCC, please submit this form to have your English course evaluated. If instructions are needed, click here. (The student may submit the application materials while the English review is ongoing; you do NOT need to wait for the English review process to be complete). 
      • If the English prerequisite was met with an AP score of 3 or higher, the AP Score Card must be included at the time of application.  CLICK HERE for how to submit your AP score.
    • Anatomy with Lab
      • At SBCC is BMS 107.
      • Must have been taken within seven (7) years of the application cycle (does not apply to LVN-ADN applicants).
      • For Anatomy not taken at SBCC, it must be at least 4 semester or 5 quarter units.
    • Physiology with Lab
      • At SBCC is BMS 108.
      • Must have been taken within seven (7) years of the application cycle (does not apply to LVN-ADN applicants).
      • For Anatomy not taken at SBCC, it must be at least 4 semester or 5 quarter units.
    • Microbiology with Lab
      • At SBCC is BMS 127.
      • Must have been taken within seven (7) years of the application cycle (does not apply to LVN-ADN applicants).
      • For Anatomy not taken at SBCC, it must be at least 4 semester or 5 quarter units.


    2.  TEAS Test: A minimum overall total score of 62% is required. TEAS test results must be submitted to SBCC directly from ATI; copies are from students are NOT accepted. 

    • Only the first TEAS attempt results are accepted if taken multiple times. For LVN-ADN applicants, the first attempt after completion of your LVN program, is accepted.
    • SBCC will accept a TEAS test given by Proctorio via the ATI website. SBCC offers the TEAS test as a courtesy for students applying to the SBCC ADN program prior to each application cycle. Please visit our TEAS Info webpage for more information. 
  • How To Apply information sheet - please read and follow instructions

    Required Forms:

    Program Application 

    Application checklist - this form must be filled out and included with application; if not, application will be considered incomplete

    Supporting Documentation Form, if applicable

    Please use the Multi-Criteria Points Information Sheet (above) as a reference when filling out the Supporting Documentation form, but do not include with your application.

    It is the applicant's responsibility to be sure that all required application documents are included.  Incomplete applications will not be included in the selection cycle, nor will the applicant be notified of missing items during the application cycle.

    Note:  Due to the high number of applications received, the Nursing Program cannot review an application for completion with each applicant at the time of submission, nor provide confirmation that a specific document will be accepted toward points.  Please follow the checklist and the application instructions thoroughly.  The first communication will be sent via the applicant's email address that is provided on the nursing application at the end of the application cycle.

    Please do not contact the Nursing Program for status of admission. 

     Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

    Students who are not selected for admission have the option to reapply during subsequent application cycles.  During an application cycle, submit a new ADN program application and a "Intent to Be Included in Selection Pool" form, and, if applicable, a Supporting Documentation Form.  This will reactivate the student's application and will be included in that application selection cycle.  Application documents, including transcripts and TEAS scores, will remain on file for two years from the date that the initial application was received, but are not considered active unless the applicant submits the Intent to Remain in Selection Pool form during the application cycle. 

  • The nursing review committee is comprised of nursing faculty, staff, and academic counselors who follow the application process thoroughly and consistently in order to be fair to all applicants during the review process.  The information that is used to review the applications is the same information provided to applicants on the "How to Apply" information sheet, the "Application Checklist" and the "Multi-criteria worksheet".

    These are the most common reasons an application is incomplete.  These requirements are all stated on the application information.

    Missing transcripts:  Official transcripts from all colleges attended are required, even if the coursework was not part of the nursing major.  The applicant's SBCC Student Academic Profile reflects previous colleges attended and the time attended, which is provided by the student at the time of school application.  If a college attended is listed in the student's school records, on the nursing application, or listed on other transcripts, a copy of that school's transcript must be submitted to SBCC. 

    Missing high school transcripts when no college degree is posted:  If no degree is posted on college transcripts, official high school transcripts are required.  If the applicant is in doubt of whether or not their degree is posted on their college transcript, they should submit official high school transcripts, just to be safe.

    TEAS results other than the first attempt:  SBCC requires the first TEAS attempt of results showing an Adjusted Overall Score of 62% or higher.  Exceptions:  1) LVN to ADN bridge applicants:  The first attempt after completion of an LVN program is accepted.  2) If the score from the first attempt is lower than 62% and a remediation plan was followed prior to retesting, the subsequent attempt will be accepted, along with proof of having completed the remediation plan.

  • Fall 2018 application selection:  140 ADN applications for 27 seats - minimum points 72 / 23 LVN to ADN applications for 3 seats - minimum points 71

    Spring 2019 application selection - 125 ADN applications received for 35 seats - minimum points 75

    Fall 2019 application selection - 174 ADN applications received for 35 seats - minimum points 77 / 29 LVN to ADN applications for 10 seats - minimum points 68

    Spring 2020 application selection - 126 ADN applications received for 35 seats - minimum points 78

    Note:  The students who were admitted to the Fall 2020 cohort were shifted to a Spring 2021 entry due to Covid-19 and no new students began the program in Fall 2020.

    Spring 2021 application selection - 174 ADN applications received for 37 seats - minimum points 81 / 20 LVN to ADN applications for 8 seats - minimum points 53

    Summer 2021 and Fall 2021 application selection - 266 ADN applications received for 69 seats (34 in summer 2021 and 35 in fall 2021) - minimum points 80 / 27 LVN to ADN applications received for 10 seats (5 in summer 2021 and 5 in fall 2021) - minimum points 66

    Spring 2022 application selection - 155 ADN applications received for 25 seats - minimum points 83 / 26 LVN to ADN applications for 5 seats - minimum points 78

    1. LVNs:  LVNs who have met all prerequisites and who have a current LVN license may apply to the LVN to ADN bridge program during an application cycle, and will be selected using the multi-criteria selection process.  LVNs may pursue one of two program options to qualify for RN licensure.  Specific information regarding these options and their different program requirements is available on this webpage:  LVN to ADNs are admitted to the program two times per year.

    2. International Nurses:  Nurses from countries other than the United States may be admitted, on a space available basis.  To apply, the applicant must submit the ADN program application and a letter from the California Board of Registered Nurses.

    3. Transfer Nursing Students:  May submit an application at any time. Students previously enrolled in a state-accredited registered nursing program within the past year and in good standing (no failed courses), may transfer into the SBCC ADN Program on a space available basis.  Transfer students must meet all SBCC ADN Program application and entrance requirements. Transfer students are required to provide a letter from the previous nursing program(s) verifying performance and placement in theoretical and clinical levels, in addition to official transcripts and course descriptions of the nursing courses taken from the catalog year that they were completed.

    4. >Military Personnel Credit
  • It is highly recommended that you have completed all of the General Education courses required for the Associate Degree in Nursing prior to starting the program.  The list of courses are found on this webpage:

    A student does not need to have taken courses at SBCC prior to applying to the ADN program.  (please note that where it states on the information in the above link "A total of 12 units through SBCC" means graduation requirements, which will be met by the nursing coursework taken while in the nursing program.)