HIT CIM Department Policy Course Waivers

The HIT/CIM Department has established standard policies regarding which courses will be waived based on different health-related credentials.

Course(s) Waived
CCA BMS 146, HIT 135
NOTE: Effective April 1, 2010, changes have been made in the courses waived for this credential. For those students who received their approvals prior to this date, the old policies will be honored. 
CCS BMS 146, HIT 135, 201, 202*, 203*, 204, 210
*Waived only for CCS certification earned on or after 10/5/2015
CCS-P BMS 146, HIT 135, 201, 202*, 204, 210
*Waived only for CCS-P certification earned on or after 10/5/2015
CPC BMS 146, HIT 135 
LVN, RN, Paramedic (Licence must be active.) BMS 146, HIT 135, 201 and 204
ODS in good standing (current on CEU units) HIT 135 and CIM 100
ODS in good standing and employed by a COC-approved Cancer Registry (evidenced by a letter from supervisor) HIT 135, CIM 100 and 225

To get credit for the courses based on your credential, complete a Prerequisite Challenge Form A and include a copy of your credential. Here is more information on course prerequisites.

If you also have college credit that you would like evaluated in addition to your credential, then instead of the Prerequisite Verification Form A, you should complete the transcript evaluation process.

For health-related credentials other than those listed above, please email Gwyer Schuyler, Academic Counselor, at schuyler@sbcc.edu