Apply and Enroll

We are here to help you! Please follow the below steps, and if at any time you need help, reach out to our Academic Counselor, Gwyer Schuyler, for support.

1. Apply to SBCC

Completing an SBCC application is the first step to getting started in the HIT/CIM Program.

When applications are available:

Spring Semester -- Application available in early October
Summer and Fall Semesters -- Application available in early January

  • If you sit out a Fall or Spring semester, you must re-apply for the next future semester.
  • If you will be starting with SBCC in a Summer term, you should submit separate applications for both Summer and Fall terms.
  • After you apply to the college, you can then apply for Financial Aid.
2. Log Into Pipeline, Look up your Student ID Number, Look up Your Registration Appointment Time, and Check for Holds
  • Within one hour, you will be able to log into Pipeline, the student registration system. Follow the instructions HERE to log in for the first time.
  • Once you have logged into Pipeline, click the Student tab, then go to 'Registration', then to 'Check Your Pre-Registration Requirements and Registration Appointment' (your student ID number is listed along with your name on the right hand side of the screen).
  • This screen will show you whether you have holds on your registration (see below) as well as the earliest date and time that you will be able to register.
  • Registration dates are posted in late October for Spring registration and in late March for Summer/Fall registration.
  • Depending on the information on your application, you may be subject to holds on your registration. To clear the holds, you will need to do the following:         
    • ORIENTATION HOLD: Complete Online Orientation. After completing Orientation, if you have no other holds, proceed to the next step below.
    • CLASS PLANNING HOLD: Review our Courseload Guidelines and decide on how many units you want to enroll in. Email Gwyer at and let her know how many units you want to take, and then she will build you a first semester plan (which will clear the hold).
3. Ordering Official Transcripts if you have previously attended college.
  • If you are pursuing an Associate's degree, order official transcripts from all colleges attended following these instructions.
  • If you are pursuing a Certificate, we only require official transcripts if there is specific coursework that applies to Certificate requirements - please follow these instructions.
  • In addition to ordering official transcripts, to expedite the evaluation, you can email unofficial transcripts to Gwyer (see step #5).
4. If you have a disability, contact the Disability Services office

You may be eligible for additional support in class as well as early priority registration dates to enroll. Visit the Disability Services and Programs for Students (DSPS) webpage to learn more.

5. Reach out to our Academic Counselor for Help Selecting Classes

Our Academic Counselor, Gwyer Schuyler, will build your semester-by-semester educational plan. Review our course load guidelines, then email Gwyer at with
1) your Student ID number;
2) your major;
3) when you would like to start (Summer, Fall or Spring);
4) how many units you want to take each Fall and Spring;
5) whether you want to take Summer classes; and
6) copies of any unofficial transcripts, if you have any.
Gwyer will review your information and prepare an ed plan for you.

6. Register for Classes

Prepare to register for your classes by reviewing the schedule of classes, choose the classes that you want to register for, and write down their CRN numbers. On or after your registration date, log into Pipeline, click on "Register for Classes," then go to 'Register, Add, or Drop Classes'. Enter the CRN numbers into the ADD WORKSHEET screen. Be sure to pay for the courses ASAP within Pipeline!

7. Pay for Your Classes

Pay fees through Pipeline after you register for your classes (must be within 7 days). More information is available about payment options.

8. Prepare for your Classes and Order your Books

Review the next steps to prepare for your classes. Textbooks will be available for online order approximately two weeks before the semester begins. You will also receive a welcome email from the HIT/CIM Department to your Pipeline email with further details.