About Student-Ready

Awarded in 2017, Student-Ready was developed to address a growing need to support part-time, post-traditional working adults, who make up approximately 60% of SBCC's enrollment (fall 2019). We recognized that flex students, who often move between full and part-time enrollment status, may not have access to the same campus resource because these services are not typically available evenings and weekends. We also wanted to commit to creating programs of study with flex students in mind. 

Student-Ready: Degree Completion for the Flexible Learner focuses on five components to support SBCC flex students:

  1. Pathways and Support for Flexible Students: We will utilize internal and external research in addition to focus groups to gain a clear picture of the needs of flexible students. This information will be used to create programs specific to their needs.
  2. Professional Development and Faculty Support for Curriculum Redesign for Maximum Impact: We will utilize best practices in working with marginalized student populations to create a culture of flexible student belonging on campus through extensive faculty professional development.
  3. Development of a College for Working Adults: We will design a college program that focuses on creating academic plans with part-time and post-traditional students in mind.
  4. Educational Plans and Transfer Pathways: We will accommodate your part-time schedule and meet you where you are. Meet with our dedicated Student-Ready Coordinator and Academic Counselors who will focus on your success at your pace.
  5. Student Learning Support: Tutoring and supplemental instruction designed for the flexible student.
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Advance your future by participating in a range of programs of study, peer support, and work with faculty committed to your success.


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