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Student at work
Student at work
Student at work

About the Program

Santa Barbara City College offers two types of Work Experience

  • General Work Experience
    • Paid Work and Volunteer Work
    • Paid Internships and Volunteer Internships (Please go to the link below for more information about internships)
  • Occupational Work Experience (Please go to the link below for more information about Occupational Work Experience)

Occupational Work Experience     Internships

Credit Course: WEXP 290 - General Work Experience
(1 – 4 units)

Combines academic study and practical work experience to develop students' marketable skills and prepare them for a successful career. Student jobs need not be related to their educational goals. WEXP 290 units are based on the number of hours a student works during the 16-week semester or 6-week summer session:

  • Paid work/Internship hour requirements: 1 unit = 75 hours, 2 units = 150 hours, 3 units = 225 hours, 4 units = 300 hours.
  • Volunteer work/Internship hour requirements: 1 unit = 60 hours, 2 units = 120 hours, 3 units = 180, 4 units = 240 hours.

Student Expectations 

Requirements for Work Experience 290
  • Provide Employment Information including the name of your worksite supervisor and their contact details.
  • Create and submit a set of Worksite Objectives after sharing them with your supervisor and securing the supervisor’s signature.
  • Participate in a one-on-one conference with your instructor for WEXP 290 (may be face-to-face, or Zoom).
  • Evaluate your worksite objectives (written assignment, end of semester)
  • Complete a final form including your total hours worked, your supervisor’s rating of your objectives, and your supervisor’s signature.

Although there may be differences in how the above assignments are designed and collected by different instructors, you must complete ALL of the requirements in order to earn credit for the course. In other words, you must achieve 100% credit for the assignments. 

There are no class meetings for WEXP 290. Your “class time” is your work time.

Job Referral Services 

The Career Center receives numerous job, Internship and volunteer postings from employers and organizations in the community. The center can provide referrals for part-time and full-time jobs and internships. The center maintains an online job referral system. In addition, the Career Center sponsors an annual Job Fair every spring. Local employers are available, allowing students to learn about career opportunities and apply for job openings. Additional information about job referral is available at the Career Center.

Career Center


Faculty/Program Coordinator

Dr. Anita Cruse


Michael Medel