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Associated Student Government (ASG)

ASG works diligiently to ensure that all students at SBCC have equal opportunity to dream and succeed. ASG works closely with local and state government officials to push our school and community forward. SBCC's student government prides itself as one of inclusion, collaboration, compassion, and student empowerment.

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Join a team, and attend events!

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Center for Equity and Social Justice (CESJ)

The Center for Equity & Social Justice (CESJ) strives to provide a safe and brave space for students of color, women, LGBT+, and other marginalized students on our campus. The CESJ partners with various academic departments, student support programs, and community service agencies to provide lectures, workshops, discussions, film screenings, spoken word, and art exhibits that explore issues of culture, belonging, power, oppression, and injustice in our community.

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Santa Barbara City College dance program is dedicated to serving the community as a whole and is responsive to the diversity of that community. We equally value all dance forms, levels and styles. We provide education for those with varying goals, either dance movement as part of a general education, health and well being, and/or dance as a primary or secondary career.

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Honors Program

Our program’s smaller courses and great professors help students achieve their intellectual goals. Out of class, we offer informal events, field trips, hikes, and a community of fun, interesting people.

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Join one of SBCC's music groups, take classes, or attend performaces including SBCC's Jazz Big Bands, Jazz Combos, Chamber Music, Symphony, Concert Band, and Choir.

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SBCC Activity Pass

SBCC's Activity Pass for $5.00 provides you with admittance to ALL home athletic events, one theatre performance, and four music concerts. Also, discounts at the SBCC Bookstore! (except on textbooks or electronics). Proceeds from SBCC Activity Pass help support a variety of SBCC programs and events.

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SBCC Office of Student Life

Student Life helps students get ID cards, find housing, join campus clubs, and oversees student government. The Student ID can be used a bus pass and can be set up like a debit card to be used on campus.

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SBCC Student Clubs, Club Day

SBCC is proud to have a large variety of active and vibrant student run clubs on campus! Clubs provide students with a chance to get involved and build community. Clubs focus on a variety of interests such as career options, student diversity, service, recreation, and academic interests. Each semester over 50 clubs are offered at SBCC.

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Social Networks

Online communities are a great way to stay connected to Santa Barbara City College. Joining social networks that fit your interests can help you personalize your experience at SBCC and help develop a sense of community both on and off campus.From academics to athletics, alumni to admissions, you’ll find communities where you can share your experiences, connect with new and old friends, or just learn more about SBCC.

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The Well

The WELL offers workshops, group counseling, and events focused on mind and body health and wellness. Our mission is to ensure the diverse SBCC student community feels heard, respected, and encouraged to gain the vital knowledge, tools, and support to move toward optimal lifelong health and wellness.

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Enjoy a live theatre performance! Get involved in a theatre production!

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Vaquero Resource Day

Attend SBCC's Vaquero Resource Day event!

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Vaquero Welcome

Jump start your college experience in a fun, interactive, virtual setting. The event includes a SBCC Welcome from the President and other SBCC departments, along with an opportunity to get to know your fellow students in a fun and engaging way!

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Work on Campus

Many students work while they are enrolled in classes, as well as explore opportunities for after graduation. We invite you to explore your job, internship and volunteer opportunities here!

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