Faculty Partnership for Student Success

What is the Faculty Partnership for Student Success?

The Faculty Partnership for Student Success is a faculty-driven ongoing initiative encompassing these college programs:

The Partnership includes a variety of learning and instructional support programs aimed at building academic skills, particularly basic skills, across the disciplines. The Partnership is propelled by assistance for all participants based on active mutual engagement of students, faculty, and tutors.

Success Data

Click here for complete texts of the evaluation studies for the PSS programs: Success Data

The Partnership for Student Success team is happy to answer your questions.

Please contact:
Pam Guenther
Phone: (805) 965-0581 ext. 5107

PSS Members

The current members of the PSS Steering Committee are:

  • Barbara Bell - English Skills
  • Kenley Neufeld - Director, Luria Library
  • Anita Cruse - AB705 and Cooperative Work Experience Coordinator
  • Michael Gamboa - Student Program Advisor - AthleticsPhysical Education; Lead, Academic Achievement Zone
  • Vandana Gavaskar - Director, Learning Support Services
  • Maria Morales - Academic Counselor
  • Marit Ter Mate-Martinsen, ESL
  • Pam Guenther - Senate Liaison
  • Monica Campbell - NC ESL
  • Patricia Mautone, NC Adult High School/GED
  • Elizabeth Imhof - Dean of Arts, Humanities, and Social Science
  • Barry Tanowitz - Biology
  • Gabe Pretel - Math and Math Tutorial Lab Coordinator
  • Lesley-Anne Taylor - DSPS
  • Ruben Gil - EOPS
  • Peter Aguilar - Biology
  • Stephanie Mendes - Earth and Planetary Sciences
  • Margaret Prothero - Guided Pathways
  • Alejandra Jarabo - Multimedia Arts and Technologies/CTE
  • Laura Woyach - Accounting
  • Armando Ramos - Art
  • Barb Freeman - CLRC Supervisor

Meeting Dates / Agendas and Minutes