SBCC Life Fitness Center with students working out.

Life Fitness Center


  • The Santa Barbara City College Physical Education Department is proud to offer students the opportunity to take Physical Education classes in the campus Life Fitness Center (LFC). The LFC is a state-of-the-art physical fitness facility designed to improve the health, fitness, and well being of students all ages and abilities.

  • The Life Fitness Center has three major areas of focus. The cardiovascular area features recumbent bikes, treadmills, elliptical cross trainers and an arm ergometer. The strength training area features both plate loaded and selectorized equipment for every muscle group. In addition, power racks, dumbbells, power lifting platforms, resistance bands, stability balls, balance training apparatus, and other free weights are available for more specialized training. Power lifting and Olympic lifting equipment is also available. The third area features the "Aerobic Super Circuit" considered by many fitness experts to be one of the most effective ways to train and improve physical health. The Super Circuit combines selectorized weight training equipment and stationary bikes that students use in an alternating fashion to generate a full body workout!

  • To use the LFC, you must be enrolled in a class that is taught in the LFC. The Physical Education Department has two different types of Physical Education Courses that are taught in the Life Fitness Center: Open Lab courses and Traditionally Structured courses. You can choose a course from the Life Fitness Program of open lab classes that have a more flexible class schedule or choose one of the traditional instructional format classes to suit your needs. Please see the schedule of classes or the college catalog for course descriptions. PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT YOU MUST COMPLETE A MANDATORY PROGRAM ORIENTATION THE FIRST TIME YOU ENROLL IN ANY OF THE OPEN LAB LIFE FITNESS PROGRAM COURSES.

  • The Life Fitness Program offers a series of "open lab" (can enroll up to the 10th week of the semester) courses that allow each enrolled student to use the LFC during the open lab hours to complete the course curriculum. The Life Fitness Program "family" of courses includes:

    • PE 149 - Life Fitness (1.0 unit)
    • PE 166 - Life Fitness Strength Training (1.0 unit)
    • PE 169 - Training for Power (1.0 unit)
    • PE 177 - Weight Management (1.0 unit)
    • PE 179 - Aerobic Super Circuit Training (0.5 unit)
    • PE 195 - Functional Fitness (0.5 unit)
    • PE 196 - Myofascial Release Techniques in Exercise (0.5 unit)
  • PE 277 A - Beginning Fitness for ESL students (1.0 unit):  The first course in a series of classes designed to introduce ESL students to the fundamentals of physical fitness training, nutrition, and health education. A one-hour weekly meeting is required. Exercise sessions are performed in an open lab format in the Life Fitness Center. Proper use of equipment and basic fitness concepts are emphasized.

    PE 277 B - Intermediate Fitness for ESL students (1.0 unit): Second course in a series of classes designed to introduce ESL students to the fundamentals of physical fitness training, nutrition, and health education. A one-hour weekly meeting is required. Exercise sessions are performed in an open-lab format in the Life Fitness Center. Low back care, muscular strength, and endurance are emphasized.

  • If you enroll in any "open lab" Life Fitness course (see above), you MUST ATTEND A MANDATORY ORIENTATION SESSION. Students should have the course syllabus and the LFC Educational Manual when completing the orientation. The course syllabus is available on the course webpage along with instructions for completing the orientation session. The LFC Educational Manual (and required lanyard) is available to purchase in the campus bookstore.

  • PE 143 - Integrated Training for Fitness (1.0 unit)

    PE 144 - Beginning Weight Training for Women (1.0 unit)PE 144A - Beginning Weight (1.0 unit)PE 144B - Intermediate Weight Training (1.0 unit)and PE 144C - Advanced Weight Training (1.0 unit)

    PE 143 and PE 144 courses follow a traditional class schedule where students attend class on a specific day and time. See the schedule of classes for times/dates.

  • The LFC is also home to the Human Performance Lab where you can find out how fit you are! The lab features measurements of cardiovascular health (Heart and blood pressure), oxygen consumption, body composition, flexibility, muscular strength and endurance. The HPL also features information and assessment for nutrition, posture, and back care.

  • The Life Fitness Center, the Human Performance Lab, and the Athletic Training Room provide excellent teaching facilities for students interested in careers in athletic and/or personal fitness training (AA Degree in Physical Education with an emphasis in Athletic/Personal Fitness Training). Check out the link to the NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) Certification.

 LFC Director: Ellen O'Connor Phone: (805) 965-0581 X 3568email:




FALL 2021 OPEN LAB HOURS (August 23 - December 11)


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