Visit some of our favorite resources and friends in the multidisciplinary fields that our program and alumni are associated with.
Marine Technology

The Marine Technology Society - More than just diving... Learn about "the industry"-and the multitude of multidisciplinary careers that are ocean related.

Davis Boats- California's favorite boat builder just up the road in Paso Robles.

University of California Santa Barbara- Our colleagues up the freeway in the Marine Science Institute.


Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine

Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society- A great resource for hyperbaric medicine and related issues.

Diving Medicine Online- The most comprehensive dive medicine site that is dedicated to the non-physician.

Divers Alert Network- International resource for diving medicine, emergencies, research and training. Built by divers for divers.


SCUBA & Technical Diving

NAUI-  National Association of Underwater Instructors. Safety through Education.

IANTD-  International Association of Nitrox and Technical Divers. The folks who brought Nitrox and technical diving out of the closet.


Commercial Diving

Oceanaut Press- The "History of Oilfiled Diving" represents 20 years of research and work by MDT Alumnus Chris Swann. It is a seminal piece of work in our industry. No Commercial Diver should be without this book in their library.

Hammerhead Press- Commercial Diving and Recreational Diving books by Steve Barsky and others.

ANSIClick here to download ANSI/ACDE-01-2009 Commercial Diver Training Minimimum Standard




Government Agencies



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