ERTH 112 - History of the Earth and Lab

Lecture: ERTH 112: Historical Geology
This class will take you on a journey through the geologic time scale with a twist! The course structure will be in the format of a game wherein each module will be a level. Each must be completed to level up! Adapting to online learning has challenges and opportunities-- so let’s have some fun with the new online format!

The objective of this course is to examine the methods of scientific inquiry into the Earth's past and then construct a credible account of the origin and evolution of our planet and its inhabitants.  In the broadest sense, we will be using the scientific method to interpret the Earth’s history.

CRN: 54443
Units: 3 units
Meeting: Fully Online  

Lab: ERTH 112L: Historical Geology Lab
I will send out rock kits throughout the semester, so we can keep the hands-on component of Earth Science learning! All the labs will be virtual this semester, but I'll have live zoom sessions where we can work on the kits together!

CRN: 54444
Units: 1 units
Meeting: Tuesday 2:15-5:20pm, Online
Let me know if you have any questions.

Hope to see you in the class!
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