Transfer Student Appointment

Transfer students are NOT required to meet with a counselor prior to registration. To have your California Community College transcripts evaluated by the Transcript Evaluation Office please click here. If you need to clear prerequisites from courses taken at other schools click here.

From now through Sept. 4 you can request to have your name put on a waiting list and a counselor will assist you in choosing your fall classes. Counselors will not be able to conduct comprehensive transcript evaluations at this time. You can email, chat, or call to get on the waiting list.

Phone (805) 730-4085 (Monday-Thursday, 10AM-3PM, Friday, 10AM-1PM).

You will be able to schedule an appointment with your Primary Counselor for long term planning via Starfish starting the second week of the semester (classes begin 8/24). At this appointment we will assist you in creating an educational plan, and help you start the transcript evaluation process. Comprehensive evaluations of transcripts may take 1-2 weeks for some classes, and 3 months for others, based on where the courses were taken and which department needs to evaluate them: an academic department faculty at SBCC, Transcript Evaluation Office (TEO), or Articulation Office.

For coursework completed outside of the California Community College system having a course syllabus (course outline/program of study) can often speed up the evaluation process.

Click here for Transcript Evaluation
Click here for California Community College Transcript Evaluation
Click here for Prerequisite Clearance
Click here for International Transcript Evaluation