Marine Technology Lab

Welcome to the Marine Technology Lab!

*Please note that open lab hours are scheduled around instruction. Please call (805) 965-0581 ext. 2426 to find out open lab hours.

 The Marine Technology Lab is located on the second floor of the MT building. Please call for directions.

Lab Rules

-Copying any software from the computer labs is illegal. Anyone attempting to copy software will face disciplinary action. Software piracy may also result in legal action from the Software Publishers Association.

-Installation of software on lab computers is not permitted.

-Food and drink of any kind are not permitted in the lab, as they can damage computer equipment.

-Displaying sexually explicit, graphically disturbing, or sexually harassing images or text is considered misuse of computers and will be reported to campus authorities. Event logs are monitored by the Network Administrator, and action will be taken against the student.

-Printing of Internet documents is not permitted. Students who are required to print must show the instructors written assignment to the lab staff.

-Print Preview, View Document or View Report on Screen should be used as much as possible to help proofread documents on the screen before they are printed. CONSERVES PAPER!

-Students may print only one draft copy and one revised final copy of academic assignments ONLY. Printing of non-academic documents is not allowed. Extra copies can be photocopied in the library.

-Do not store any personal files to the lab computers. Please store personal files on a 3.25 floppy or a Zip disc. Any files left on the desktop or on the hard-drive will be erased.

-Please recycle paper by placing it in the appropriate basket (white or colored paper).

-Access to classroom equipment such as printers, cabinets, drawers, etc. is restricted staff only. If you need help, ask a staff member.

-Lab seating is limited. Students not using a computer may be asked to leave the lab. Students using the computer for non-academic purposes may be asked to leave the lab.

-Students are required to log into ZULU before using the workstation, and are required to log out of ZULU and the workstation completely when they leave. Please do not power down the workstation.

-Clothes that are wet, greasy, and excessively dirty, etc. will not to be worn in the computer lab.

-Do not put books, book bags, or hard objects on the glass surface of computer stations.

-DO NOT TRY AND FIX ERRORS, GLITCHES, OR COMPUTER MALFUNCTIONS!! Please report any problems to one of the staff members.