Apply and Register for Classes at SBCC or Online

IMPORTANT NOTICE: During our Covid19 remote operations, we are available by chat and phone during working hours, or email at any time. Dual Enrollment forms can be emailed, but still require manual processing that can take up to 5-7 working days.

Take advantage of the course offerings at SBCC to help you reach your goals.  Find the current online schedule here. Please note that some courses are restricted to high school students (view FAQ for details).

A few tips before you get started

  • While forms can be submitted online, they are NOT automated. Each form takes 5-7 working days to process. Please plan accordingly and allow yourself several weeks to complete this process.
  • All steps need to be completed in the order listed as each step builds on the previous.
  • Use the tutorials and guides in each section to avoid errors and prevent delays

Steps to Complete:

  • Your counselor can help recommend a class that meets your needs and interests.

  • Apply for admission to the college as a Dual Enrollment Student. Use the SBCC APPLICATION GUIDE  below to help answer application questions as an SBCC Dual Enrollment Student.  

                         APPLY TO SBCC ONLINE HERE                       SBCC APPLICATION GUIDE HERE

    Next step, check your inbox. Once your application gets verified (Typically 2-3 business days) TIP: Check your SPAM inbox.  

    NOTE: If you are currently taking an SBCC class, your application is still valid for the following term and you can skip this step.

  • Go to Pipeline, the online student portal, and follow the prompts to 'Find Account.' You will need the last four digits of your social security number or your CCCID. Find your K# so your parent can complete the online parent consent form.     

                SBCC Pipeline Student Portal HERE               Where is my CCCID?                  Where is my K#? 

  • 4A. Have your parent/guardian complete the Parent Consent Form on the For Parent/Guardian pageThe  parent/guardian consent form only needs to be completed once.  IMPORTANT: In order to avoid delays, confirm that your student's correct SBCC ID (K#) is included in your submission. How can I check to see if my parent consent form was received? CHECK HERE 

    4B. All students, including graduating 8th graders, must get high school counselor approval to request courses. To submit a request to your counselor, you will need your high school counselor's email address or, if unavailable, the email address for an on-duty school administrator.  If this is your first request and you study at a private school, homeschool, or out-of-area high school, your counselor must request approval rights from the 'For Counselors' page.

    Students ready to submit the Approval Form to your counselor click here:   

    Approval Form      Step by Step Approval Form Guide

    When you click submit, the form is routed to the high school counselor email you entered on the form. You will receive an automated email confirming submission of your form. You will also receive a second automated email confirming counselor approval. If you do not receive these emails, please check your SPAM/JUNK mail. If you do not receive your counselor approval confirmation, please contact your counselor so they search for the form in their inbox. Please note that it takes 5-7 working days to process the approval form once your counselor submits the request to SBCC.

    How do I know its been processed? Follow this guide to find out if your form has been processed.

  • Note the open registration date for all students. This is the first opportunity to register for your class and secure your spot. Check your class schedule for critical drop dates. Find your class in the online class schedule here.

    **Be sure to check your course for any prerequisites. Prerequisites must be met before the system will allow you to register. Click here for information on meeting prerequisites. 

  • Pay any mandatory fees (transportation, health) within seven days of registering for the class to avoid being dropped. Dual enrollment students do not pay the per unit enrollment fee if they enroll in less than 12 units. For classes taken at the main campus, only mandatory health, transportation, and student rep fees apply. Online classes only require a health fee. Click here for fee information.  

  • Book and supply costs vary per class. Look up required texts and materials at the SBCC Bookstore. Please note purchase return deadlines on your receipt. A book grant is available in the summer onlyAsk your high school counselor for details.
  • All official campus correspondence goes to your Pipeline email account. If you have another primary email, please forward your SBCC email using this tutorial.

Additional resources