Program Student Learning Outcomes

Accounting Degree

  1. Use introductory managerial accounting concepts to make decisions within a business.
  2. Apply generally accepted accounting principles to record common business transactions, to prepare simple financial statements, and to analyze the results of operations, cash flows and financial position as reported.
  3. Calculate and explain the impact of alternate generally accepted accounting principles for financial ratio analysis and economic analysis.
  4. Recognize the elementary business laws and the consequences of ignoring or not following legal business precepts and/or behaving unethically.
  5. Use introductory level macroeconomics and microeconomics theories to estimate the domestic and global economic impact of conditions/situations on a given business organization.
  6. Use computer technology and applications to record, report and analyze business transactions and their effects on operating, investing and financing activities.
  7. Prepare financial reports and communiqués, using standard Business English.
  8. Define elementary business management concepts.