Departmental Jobs

Chemistry Tutors

Students who are interested in tutoring should contact the tutor coordinator, Dr. Sally Ghizzoni, by visiting in person during her office hours in PS 210, or, if school is not in session, by contacting her by email at Office hours are posted on the door to PS 210 during the regular school year. 

Since tutoring jobs are limited and have a high demand, students who are enrolled in Organic Chemistry at Santa Barbara City College will be given first priority for these positions.  Also given priority are those students who have complete Organic Chemistry at SBCC.  Students interested in tutoring should have earned "A's or B's" in their General Chemistry courses at SBCC.  Prior experience tutoring is not necessary however excellent communication skills are essential.  Pay rates depend on educational background and any prior experience as an SBCC tutor.


Stockroom Workers

Student workers are utilized by chemistry lab techs to help with cleaning up labs, washing glassware, dispensing equipment to students and preparing equipment and material for chemistry labs.  Please contact the chemistry stockroom lab techs, Ms. Tracy Reynolds or Ms. Jill Baillard, by visiting them in person at the chemistry stockroom if you are interested in becoming a student worker.  Hiring priority will be given to students enrolled in chemistry courses at SBCC.  Pay rates depend on educational background and any prior experience as a student worker.