Students at commencement ceremony


In order to receive a diploma, a student must first be awarded an Associate Degree, Certificate of Achievement, or Skills Competency Award (SCA).

In-person diploma pickup is currently unavailable. Mailing fees for diplomas are temporarily waived. The mailing request form (see link below) is required. For international mailing requests, please note that the USPS has suspended or delayed service to some countries. There are no tracking or rush shipment services for diplomas. 

Spring 2020 graduates: Diploma printing and mailing is underway. Submit the mailing request form to have your diploma shipped. 
Summer 2020 graduates: See "Diploma Availability" below for projected available dates.
Printing and mailing requests for older and replacement diplomas are being processed approximately once per week.

Only awarded degrees and certificates appear on official SBCC transcripts. Click here to order transcripts.

  • Click here to download the SCA Application (fillable PDF). Do not use this form for Associate Degrees or Certificates of Achievement. 

    Note: Skills Competency Awards do not appear on SBCC transcripts and are not included in Commencement. In most cases, availability dates are the same as those for other diplomas. 

  • Diplomas for degrees, certificates, and Skills Competency Awards are available by the following dates:

    Awarded for the most recent Fall Semester: April 1 
    Awarded for the most recent Spring Semester: October 1 
    Awarded for the most recent Summer Sessions: November 1

    If you have not submitted the Mailing Request Form, notification will be sent to your Pipeline email when diplomas are available. 

    Diplomas for terms earlier than those listed above: Diplomas for degrees and certificates retroactively awarded in previous academic years are generally available within two to three weeks after they are posted to a student's academic record. To confirm that your diploma, certificate, or SCA is available, please contact Amanda Neal, Degree Analyst: (805) 965-0581 ext. 2956 or

    Multiple programs of the same type (AA/AA-T, AS/AS-T, Certificate, or Skills Comp) earned in the same semester will be printed on one diploma, up to a maximum of four programs per diploma. 

  • NOTE: In-person services are currently suspended. Complete the Mailing Request Form to obtain your diploma. 

    Pick up your diploma at Admissions & Records, SS-110. Photo ID is required. There is no charge to pick up your original diploma. Diplomas will not be released if you have financial holds. Admissions & Records hours are:

    Monday & Thursday: 8 AM - 4 PM 
    Tuesday & Wednesday: 8 AM - 6 PM 
    Friday: 8 AM - 1 PM

    If you are unable to come to campus, you may designate another person to pick up your diploma by completing the Diploma Release Authorization

  • Submit the Mailing Request Form

    Note: Mailing fees are waived while in-person services are suspended. This waiver is temporary.

    The mailing fee may be paid in person at the Cashier, via check (payable to SBCC), or charged directly to your Pipeline account after the form is received by A&R. The mailing fee is $6.50 to U.S. addresses and $10 to international addresses. If you select the Pipeline payment option, the completed form may be returned to the Degree Analyst via email at

    There is no additional charge for mailing multiple diplomas in one order. All fees must be paid before diplomas will be released.

    Note: If your mailing address changes after the request form has been submitted, it is your responsibility to notify the Degree Analyst. Changes to your address in Pipeline will not affect diploma mailing addresses. 

  • Note: Mailing fees for replacement diplomas are temporarily waived. The duplicate fee is still in effect. 

    To order additional or replacement copies of your diploma for an Associate Degree, Certificate of Achievement, or Skills Competency Award, submit the Duplicate Request Form. There is a $20 fee per copy, in addition to the standard mailing fee of $6.50 (U.S.) or $10 (international) when applicable. Fees may be paid in person at the Cashier, via check (payable to SBCC), or charged directly to your Pipeline account after the form is received by A&R.

    Submit the completed form to the Degree Analyst: 

    Duplicate/replacement diplomas are generally available within one to two weeks after a request is received.

  • The 
    commencement ceremony is held once per year. Information is posted online and emailed to graduates and candidates during the spring semester.

    Diplomas are not distributed at Commencement. For more information about commencement, contact the Office of Student Life.

  • Contact the individual department. Admissions & Records does not process or mail these awards.

  • Contact the Office of Student Life. Admissions & Records does not process or mail these awards.

  • Admissions & Records does not process these diplomas. Contact Student Services at the Schott Center at 805-898-8160 or view information about requesting a transcript.

  • Certification requests for IGETC or CSU GE Breadth to be sent to four-year colleges and universities are processed by the Transfer Center. Diplomas for Certificates of Achievement in IGETC and CSU GE Breadth are not printed. To confirm that your certificate has been awarded, check your SBCC transcript. 

  • See the Transcripts page for information about ordering transcripts. Please do not send transcript inquiries or requests for grades to the Degree Analyst.

  • For more information, contact:

    Amanda Neal
    Degree Analyst
    (805) 965-0581 ext. 2956