CESJ Staff

Alondra Lazaro Gonzalez

Subsitute Student Program Advisor 
A graduate of SBCC in 2016 Alondra aslo earned her B.A. in 2019 at CSU Channel Islands with a major in Spanish and Chicano Studies.  She has worked at SBCC for the last nine years as a computer lab monitor in the School of Modern Languages, a peer mentor for SPARC, a support staff for the Express to Success Program, and as an event coordinator and program assistant for the Office of Equity, Diversity, and Cultural Competency.  
A product of the Bracero Program (both of her grandparents were braceros) and inspired by this family history, Alondra joined the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship at CSUCI where she examined the criminalization of indigenous farmworkers in Ventura County. She currently supports and advocates for Ethnic Studies as a high school requirement and plans to put her degree and life experiences to use by starting her own non profit organization that serves and advocates for the rights of farm workers. Alondra knows that working for the CESJ and helping students makes every day that much more rewarding. 

Alondra L.G.