EOPS Priority Registration


EOPS Students are eligiable for priority registration every semester including summer sessions. It is a wonderful benefit and every EOPS student should take advantance of it. Spring 2021 priority registration period is from October 28th - November 3rd. EOPS Academic Counselors will offer Zoom webinars to assist students with this process. Although each session is schdeuled for 2 hours, students are not required to stay for the whole duration and can log off once they have been helped.  

Priority Registration Zoom Sessions:

  • Thursday, Oct. 29th   8:30-10:30 AM      Register HERE
  • Thursday, OCt. 29th   11 -1 PM                  Register HERE
  • Friday, Oct. 30th   10-12 PM                     Register HERE
  • Monday, Nov. 2nd   10-12 PM                  Register HERE