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Parking & Traffic Information has alternative parking information including a staff and student incentive program. See our SBCC Transportation Map for more information including locations of SBCC Electric Vehicle charging stations 

 SBCC Transportation Map

 Although Santa Barbara City College has invested millions of dollars providing on-campus parking, the lack of available spaces does remain a problem. However, because some students, staff, and faculty do have children, off-campus jobs, or health issues that require the availability and personal convenience of a car, SBCC does its best to make parking available to those who need it.

In recent campus surveys, many students have cited parking as a barrier to academic success. To ensure that parking does not interfere with academic achievement, students are urged to use alternative forms of transportation. Taking advantage of alternatives such as walking, bicycles, mopeds/motorcycles and the MTD with a student bus pass helps students to spend time studying in the library instead of looking for parking. Failure to use alternate transportation can lead to frustration and an inability to take advantage of the excellent educational opportunities at this college. Santa Barbara City College is here to help its students succeed. Coming to campus by bike, bus, or carpool may help you to do so.

Because some individuals must drive sometimes, ridesharing/carpooling is encouraged. It is important to remember our transportation choices do affect our classmates, coworkers, and the environment. We ask all students, faculty, and staff to take advantage of the many available alternative transportation options as often as possible.

Included here is information on Parking Permits, Parking Lots, Parking Services, Parking Enforcement, and Other Information for Drivers.

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