Search Process

Learn more about the search process for the Superintendent/President position.

Screening Committee Membership

Patricia Stark, Co-Chair, Academic Senate President

Geoff Green, Co-Chair, CEO of the SBCC Foundation

Jennifer Maupin, Academic Senate Appointment

Ruth Morales, Academic Senate Appointment

Cornelia Alsheimer-Barthel, Faculty Association Appointment

Patricia (Tricia) Mautone, Noncredit Faculty Appointment

Luz Reyes-Martín, Superintendent/President Appointment

Liz Auchincloss, California School Employees Association Appointment

Sherie Higgins, California School Employees Association Appointment

Tim Stone, California School Employees Association Appointment

Paloma Arnold, Advancing Leadership Association Appointment

Michael Medel, Advancing Leadership Association Appointment

Priscilla Mora, Advancing Leadership Association Appointment

Sage Gaspar, Associated Student Government Appointment

Alfred Smith, Board of Trustees Appointment, noncredit School of Extended Learning student

Meredith Murr, Board of Trustees Appointment, community member

Norm Habermann, Board of Trustees Appointment, community member

Search Timeline

The search timeline below is tentative and subject to change. As dates are finalized, this page will be updated.

June Development of Presidential Profile and Search Website
July - September Application Open
September 16, 2019 Application Closes
Late September Screening Committee reviews applications
October Screening Committee Interviews semi-finalists
Late October Public Forums with Finalists, Board of Trustees interviews finalists
Early November Board of Trustees announces selection of new Superintendent/President
January 2020 Start date for new Superintendent/President