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Hayward Award for Excellence in Education

From the ASCCC website: The Hayward Award is conferred upon four faculty members annually who have been nominated by peers from their college. Named for former California Community College Chancellor Gerald C. Hayward, the award honors outstanding community college faculty who have a track record of excellence both in teaching and in professional activities and have demonstrated commitment to their students, profession, and college. This is a Board of Governors award and is sponsored by the Foundation for California Community Colleges. The recipients are recognized by the Board each March and are recognized at dinner and an ASCCC award ceremony.

The SBCC nominee or recipient is also recognized at the SBCC Faculty Award Reception.

2016-2017 Sally Saenger (recipient)

2015-2016 Kathy Molloy (recipient)

2014-2015 Celeste Barber

2013-2014 Jody Milward (recipient)

2013-2014 Kenley Neufeld

2012-2013 Dr. Robert Gray

2010-2011 Kathy Molloy

2009-2010 Kelly Lake

2008-2009 Tom Garey

2007-2008 Kelly Lake

2006-2007 John Kay (recipient)

2005-2006 Jan Anderson

2004-2005 Peter O. Haslund (recipient)

2003-2004 Tom Garey

2002-2003 Tom Garey

2001-2002 Kathy O'Connor (recipient)

2000-2001 Elida Moreno

1999-2000 Peter O. Haslund

1998-1999 Janet Shapiro (recipient)

1997-1998 Jody Milward

1996-1997 Peter Georgakis (recipient)

1994-1995 Gary Carroll

1993-1994 Karolyn Hanna (recipient)

1992-1993 Cecilia Kuster (recipient)

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