CESJ Peer Mentors


David is Peer Mentor at the Center for Equity and Social Justice (CESJ) and he is currently in his second year as an Economics major at SBCC. A few of David’s passions include playing basketball and football, socializing, meeting new people, and helping out the community. David loves that CESJ is a great safe space for all students to hang out and study at, and that many of his friends hang out in the space. David hopes to make SBCC a better place by being actively involved in the CESJ and helping the campus community whether it be through the food pantry or doing community service. 

David P.


Juwan is Peer Mentor in the Center for Equity and Social Jsutice (CESJ). Juwan is on pace to graduate as a Business Administration Major at Santa Barbara City College. Some of Juwans passions include sports, music, going to the beach, outdoor activities, being an entrepreneur, video games, dancing, skating, and fashion. Juwan loves working for the CESJ because he believes that minority groups need to be represented on campus so they feel safe and included in the SBCC community. The CESJ helps with this goal  by welcoming students to the center and giving them a safe space to hangout and talk about different social justice issues. Juwan plans to make SBCC a better place by being inclusive, promoting diversity, greeting people with a warm friendly attitude, and always having a positive attitude. 



Briana Richardson is a peer mentor for the Center for Equity and Social Justice (CESJ). This is Briana’s second year at Santa Barbara City College. She is currently a nursing major, but is considering switching to Psychology. As a peer mentor for the CESJ Briana loves getting to know each individual that comes in and making them feel welcomed. Briana loves that the CESJ is a safe space for people to feel welcomed and be who they truly are as individuals. Some of Briana’s passions include helping others, spending time with her two year old son, watching movies, and baking. Briana hopes to make SBCC a better place by meeting new people, building relationships and encouraging others to be their true authentic selves. 



Krissy Sanchez is a peer mentor at the Center of Equity and Social Justice (CESJ). Krissy is finishing up her last year at Santa Barbara City College as a Kinesiology major. When it comes to working as a Peer Mentor at the CESJ, Krissy loves helping students feel welcomed and that they are a part of the Santa Barbara City College community. Krissy loves that the CESJ is a place where students from all different backgrounds can come together and chill without the fear of being judged. Another aspect about the CESJ Krissy loves are the movie events that occur throughout the semester; these movies touch upon important social justice issues that need to be discussed and provides a safe space to do so. Some of Krissy's passions include kayaking, weightlifting, learning about the human body, personal training, beach volleyball, and watching documentaries. Krissy is an advocate for Women's Rights,  Health & Wellness, and hopes to make Santa Barbara City College a better place by building meaningful relationships with students and in-turn fostering an inclusive environment for all. 



Stephen Gutierrez is a Peer Mentor at the Center for Equity and Social Justice. He is in on the path to graduate from SBCC in 2020 as a Computer Engineering major. Stephen started here at SBCC five years ago, with only completing algebra II in highschool.  Some of  Stephen's hobbies include working on his car, cooking new types of food, and being active and exploring new places. Stephen enjoys working in the Center for Equity and Social Justice because of all the different types of people you get to meet. Stephen plans to make SBCC a better place by helping to create a welcoming and inviting atmosphere for all students.