District Sustainability Plan

SBCC is committed to creating a healthy environment through a holistic and integrated approach to implementing sustainability projects. With a proven history of academic excellence, SBCC is committed to enhancing student health and experience, while encouraging a District transition towards sustainability and resiliency.  

Our Plan

SBCC's District Sustainability Plan is our vision for what sustainability means to our campus, our people, and our future.  Our Plan was created with campus and community input and includes goals and strategies to reduce consumption of natural resources and provide the SBCC community with a healthier and more sustainable campus environment. Contact sustainability@sbcc.edu for questions regarding our status and planning.

 Download the Santa Barbara County's Recycling Guide

Our Achievements to Date

Since approval of the 2014 SBCC's District Sustainability Plan, we have made significant progress on our goals and achievements. The 2018 Plan is currently in the approval process, the goals set forth in the Plan are being used to guide the Sustainability Workgroup Task Force. 


Waste Management   



Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency    




Water Consumption   


Landscape and Permaculture

Download the SBCC District Sustainability Plan (2018)

Download the SBCC District Sustainability Plan (2014) 

 Update Spring 2019

Every other Friday 12pm-2pm, Beginning October 25, 2019
EBS 309 (Bring your lunch, both staff and students encouraged to attend)

Workgroup Goals:

  • Revised the 2014 SBCC Sustainability Plan and goals and establish an updated Plan incorporating the April 2018 workshop participation.
  • Organized district sustainability efforts and implement goals and strategies that are in alignment with the District Sustainability Plan
  • Explored appropriate 3rd party verification programs verifying district sustainability performance
  • Shared updates through shared governance process and workshops
  • Encouraged Sustainability education in college functions
  • Developed a physical location for SBCC Sustainbility and project opportunities for campus stakeholders and student participation

WE NEED VOLUNTEERS! Join the Sustainbility Task Force! Email sustainability@sbcc.edu 

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The Sustainability Workgroup Welcomes You!


Faculty Adviser: Dr. Adam Green

Lyndsay Maas
Vice Presisdent, Business Services

Email the District Workgroup sustainability@sbcc.edu  

The SBCC District Sustainability Plan is supported by other sustainbility efforts on campus including:

SBCC Commute

Center for Sustainability

Student Sustainability Coalition

Facebook Group