Budget Resource Allocation Committee

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Questions regarding BRAC, please contact: 
Lyndsay Maas 
Vice President, Business Services 


The purpose of the Budget Resource Allocation Committee (BRAC) is to ensure that the District’s strategic planning is tied to resource allocation in a demonstrable, collaborative, transparent, and sustainable decision-making process. This Budget Resource Allocation Committee was created at SBCC to provide a shared governance process for reviewing all District budgets in detail and make budget recommendations to the College Planning Council.

As part of the integrated planning process for Santa Barbara City College, the Budget Resource Allocation Committee will ensure that an open, equitable and orderly budget process is instituted and followed in establishing the operational budget of Santa Barbara City College.

Budget Resource Allocation Committee (BRAC) will review all department budgets and identify budgets that BRAC committee members have questions about. In addition, departments may request an opportunity to present their budget. The dean, chair or manager of the identified department will present their budget to BRAC.

BRAC reviews and analyzes all documents, then prepares budget recommendations for submission to the College Planning Council (CPC). CPC will review and discuss BRAC's recommendation before taking action. CPC's budget recommendation will be forwarded to the  Superintendent/President for consideration. The ultimate decision of approval or approval with amendments/revisions is the Superintendent/President. If the final decision differs from BRAC's recommendation, the Superintendent/President will inform BRAC and the modification will be integrated into the district budget.

The Controller then compiles all documentation for a final approved budget book for record keeping. The Controller also completes allocation letters to all budget managers outlining the budget from their request to final approval. This tracking methodology allows managers to see where their specific line items were changed throughout the process. These allocation letters are received by the administrators on campus in a detailed format, allowing them to disseminate this information to the individual departments within their divisions for full disclosure and transparency.


The voting members of the Budget Resource Allocation Committee will consist of the following positions:

    • Two Administrators/Managers - Appointed by Advancing Leadership Committee
    • Two Faculty - Appointed by Academic Senate
    • Two  Classified - Appointed by Classified Consultation Group
    • Two Students - Appointed by Associated Student Government
    • Vice President, Business Services
    • Controller, Fiscal Services
    • Accounting Staff - resource to BRAC - non voting 


General BRAC meetings are held on the second and fourth Fridays of each month during the School year, and select Fridays of each month during spring, summer and winter breaks. Click  the BRAC Meeting schedule for the general BRAC meeting locations and times listed on the last pages of the BRAC guidelines.

During the course of the Spring Semester, Fiscal Services distributes instructions and a budget template electronically, to all of the managers, deans, vice presidents, president, and other budget managers. Once all source documentation is submitted based on the budget development timeline, BRAC schedules additional meetings that are the departmental review sessions with the appropriate budget owner.

2019 Meeting location: WCC 120


Please email afthierjung@sbcc.edu for copies of attachments or minutes or see below

2018-19 BUDGET TIMELINE completed by Fiscal Services



January 2019
February 2019 (Canceled)
March 8, 2019 
March 22, 2019


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